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Despite the existence of machine translation tools and the fact that many people are able to read English – the language of the Internet and business – translation is more alive today than ever before.

Around 300 billion emails are sent each day, which sounds more like a number describing an astronomical distance than human activity. The fact is that people like to communicate and they like to do it in the easiest possible way: in their own language.
And this is where the value of a good translation comes into play: ensuring that companies capture the attention of their customers by addressing them in their own language. That’s why our clients have their documentation translated into the local languages of the places where they operate, in order to attract new customers and thus improve their profits.
Write to us and tell us what you need! Alpha Translations can translate your texts into any European Union language*, as well as Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and Turkish. Our team provides quick and efficient services while applying quality controls to ensure our work meets the highest standards. So that your message reaches your customers clearly and directly.
Over 25 years of providing our clients with specialised native translators who have at least five years of professional experience.
*Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Occitan, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonia, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish.

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