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Web site translation

At ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we translate web sites (or pages), for professionals as well as those destined for the general public. The texts within your web site are of great importance, as these are essential elements in so far and attracting and retaining visitors. More so, the text on a web site must not only retain the audience, but it must also be capable of attracting audiences from search engines. A deficient web site translation may become discouraging and entail a decrease in visits, or even lead to potential clients deciding to not do business with your company due to the image your web site translation provides.

 The translation of web sites (or pages) entails a dual difficulty, linguistic and technical, given that it requires the use of specific terminology inherent to the scope in which the web site (or page) is destined, and also poses the complexity of maintaining the programming code of the web site (or page) which is to be translated.

In order to resolve these difficulties, at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we have a team of specialised translators and the necessary IT tools for web site translation, all of which is coordinated and supervised for you to be delivered the translation with full quality guarantees, both linguistic and technical.

At ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we work with all the official languages within the European Union and Spain: German, Bulgarian, Catalonian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American variants), Estonian, Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, English, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian and Swedish. In addition to the above mentioned languages we also work with Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, which means that at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we are trained to translate from among more than 30 languages, as well as their possible language variants.

As well as the translation of web sites (or pages) service, at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS you may also procure services involving interpretation, localisation, transcription, style correction and subtitling.

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