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Technical translation

ALPHA TRANSLATIONS was founded in 1995 as a translation agency specialising in technical translation of manuals, reports and technical reports for machinery and IT. Since then, the agency has grown and increased its catalogue of fields of technical expertise until covering nearly any scope of technical translation in mainstream languages. This beginning and our longstanding presence in the sector have provided us with the acknowledgement of being specialists in technical translation.

 Our range of specialist areas includes main company requirements:  information and communication technologies, industry, business, legal, financial, healthcare (medicine and pharmaceutical), tourism and food. Whether dealing with manuals, standards, procedures, software reports or computer programmes, technical catalogues, reports, web sites and platforms, studies, speeches, articles, product sheets or prospects, at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we have the best suited professionals for completing the task.

At ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we work with all the official languages within the European Union and Spain: German, Bulgarian, Catalonian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American variants), Estonian, Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, English, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian and Swedish. In addition to the above mentioned languages we also work with Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, which means that at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we are trained to translate from among more than 30 languages, as well as their possible language variants.

As well as the technical translation service, at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS you may also procure services involving interpretation, localisation, transcription, style correction and subtitling.

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