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Simple translation

ALPHA TRANSLATIONS is a translation agency offering services involving simple translation into more than 30 languages and their variants, in a range of fields of specialisation, thus, covering any corporate need.

 At ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we only work with translators who are native to the target language of the translation, who specialise in an array of scopes and with years of experience. Thanks to our translators’ skills, we are able to offer our clients precise simple translations, with high value for money and with the utmost confidentiality.

At ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we work with all the official languages within the European Union and Spain: German, Bulgarian, Catalonian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American variants), Estonian, Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, English, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian and Swedish. In addition to the above mentioned languages we also work with Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, which means that at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we are trained to translate from among more than 30 languages, as well as their possible language variants.

The subject matters in which our translators have specialised, cover nearly any corporate need, and include:

- Information and communication technologies (ICT)software, manuals, web platforms, technical bids and reports.

- Industrymanuals, standards, procedures, reports, technical sheets, catalogues and general technical documentation from all sectors (chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, food…).

- Businesscorrespondence, leaflets, catalogues, product sheets, publicity, web pages and sites, notifications, presentations, periodic publications.

- Legal:contracts, agreements, deeds, notarised acts, certificates, legal documents.

- Finance and economyannual accounts, audits, accounting and economic reports, studies, accounting and financial standards, analyses, specifications, press and stock market releases.

- Healthcare (medicine and pharmaceutical):medical studies, speeches, articles, product sheets, consent forms, prospects, catalogues.

- Tourismprospects, leaflets, sheets, menus, web pages and sites.

- Foodstudies, sheets, labels, letters.

You may send us your documents in a wide range of formats (MS Office –Word, Excel, PowerPoint–, OpenOffice, PDF, web pages and sites –html, css, asp, php, xml, etc.–, txt, audio and video files, among others), on digital support (e-mail address) or in physical format (paper, video or audio tape, DVD, CD).

As well as the simple translation service, at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS you may also procure services involving interpretation, localisation, transcription, style correction and subtitling.

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