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Whispered interpretation

Whispered interpretation (also known as chuchotage) is the interpretation modality in which the interpreter is next to a person and whispers the translation of the speaker’s discourse into the person’s ear. This interpretation modality is actually a form of simultaneous interpretation, but for only one person, who follows the speech simultaneously, with a delay of only a few seconds, without any pauses or interruptions.

This is ideal for meetings, presentations, speeches, seminars… any event in which one or more speakers provide brief speeches in a spaced manner, and one of the attendees does not understand the language in which they are speaking. Another advantage of this modality is the absence of any technical equipment.

At ALPHA TRANSLATIONS we offer a whispered interpretation service, providing you with native interpreters, specialised in a range of subjects, capable of using the technical terminology inherent to fields such as economic, legal, technological and scientific, among others. Our interpreters are present or can travel to any country in the world.

As a specialised company with many years of experience in the field of whispered interpretation, we offer a high quality, precise service, which guarantees the success of your event or meeting, with a high price/quality ratio and in a completely confidential and discrete manner.

As well as the whispered interpretation service, at ALPHA TRANSLATIONS you may also procure services involving simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation, translation, localisation, transcription, style correction and subtitling.

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